Steve Jobs

[PDF] Download ↠ Steve Jobs : by Walter Isaacson [PDF] Download ↠ Steve Jobs : by Walter Isaacson - Steve Jobs, Steve Jobs From best selling author Walter Isaacson comes the landmark biography of Apple co founder Steve Jobs In Steve Jobs The Exclusive Biography Isaacson provides an extraordinary account of Jobs professio

  • Title: Steve Jobs
  • Author: Walter Isaacson
  • ISBN: 9781451648539
  • Page: 497
  • Format: Hardcover

[PDF] Download ↠ Steve Jobs : by Walter Isaacson, Steve Jobs, Walter Isaacson, Steve Jobs From best selling author Walter Isaacson comes the landmark biography of Apple co founder Steve Jobs In Steve Jobs The Exclusive Biography Isaacson provides an extraordinary account of Jobs professional and personal life Drawn from three years of exclusive and unprecedented interviews Isaacson has conducted with Jobs as well as extensive interviews with Jobs family meFrom best selling

Steve Jobs

[PDF] Download ↠ Steve Jobs : by Walter Isaacson [PDF] Download ↠ Steve Jobs : by Walter Isaacson - Steve Jobs, Steve Jobs From best selling author Walter Isaacson comes the landmark biography of Apple co founder Steve Jobs In Steve Jobs The Exclusive Biography Isaacson provides an extraordinary account of Jobs professio Steve Jobs

  • [PDF] Download ↠ Steve Jobs : by Walter Isaacson
    497Walter Isaacson
Steve Jobs

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  1. Steve Jobs was a damn dirty hippie He didn t much like to shower or wear shoes He believed his diet kept him from getting stinky, not true apparently In fact he was quite odd and obsessive about his diets, he would go on kicks where he would eat nothing but carrots for long periods of time until he turned orange This makes me wonder if these strange eating habits brought on his cancer Who can say Steve Jobs was an asshat.He was an ass to everyone, even Steve Wozniak, who by everyone s standards [...]

  2. There are three things necessary for a great biography 1 A compelling subject2 An engaging narrative3 AccuracyWalter Isaacson s Steve Jobs has all three.Steve Jobs was a fascinating person whose powerful personality and extraordinary life make for a very compelling read He revolutionized many different technological and entertainment industries by successfully blending technology and the liberal arts, giving consumers products they didn t even know they wanted He was able to defy reality by simp [...]

  3. Update This is a very interesting view of Steve Jobs by the mother of his daughter, Lisa although he denied he was her father, despite paternity tests and his childhood sweetheart She doesn t think the film goes far enough in depicting his character truthfully I am sure that what she writes in her book The Bite in the Apple A Memoir of My Life with Steve Jobs is absolutely true Apple s lawyers would sue her out of all existence if there was even a word that they could latch onto But still, her f [...]

  4. When I was at the halfway point I became struck by what a jerk SJ was Yes, he was brilliant and all that But he seemed to view other humans as nothing than ants in his ant farm, sub biologicals that he could squish whenever he felt like it And did.Some might say that his gifts to tech development, or the fact that he changed and invented whole industries, would compensate Maybe the two things went together, cruelty and brilliance But the lesson to be drawn here, future CEOs, isn t that his crue [...]

  5. so, we are having the event for this book at our store tonight the number of people calling up to ask if steve jobs will also be present to sign is staggering in other words, i care enough about steve jobs to want to read a 600 page book about him, but i am somehow unaware that he is deceased is what i hope the alternative is ghoulish and i do not want to entertain it.

  6. Never expected to find this much enjoyment reading a biography Isaacson has truly done a wonderful job with this book For those who are too busy to read the entire book, please try to grab a quick read of the last two chapters of the book at a book store or airport or someplace These chapters are a concise summary of the entire book as well as the thesis Isaacson builds up to throughout the book Besides, it will probably make you buy and read the whole thing anyway.To call this man a Great Marke [...]

  7. Executive summary of Isaacson s Steve Jobs Remove everything that is unnecessary Be ruthless about building an A team Make stuff you believe in Collaborate often through vigorous discussion Push yourself and others to do the impossible now Make great experiences by simplifying Own your work and protect it Live at intersection of intellect and intuition.But these are not spoilers The drama of this biography is in the decisions Jobs made, the way he followed through on these ideals Read the book I [...]

  8. My background is as a post 1979 punk rocker So naturally I view all dope gorging smelly long hair Dylan worshiping hippies with a certain amount of suspicion and disdain.The author shows, on a page by page basis, what an insufferable asshole Steve Jobs was I m not exaggerating But the book left me wondering why how did he become this way The book is fairly well researched, but except for a precious few anecdotes about his youth, very little is said about his upbringing I d really like to know a [...]

  9. This is an amazing inside view into the life of one of the great businessmen of our era A must read The thing that struck me most about Steve Jobs was that he was an incredible perfectionist He was a craftsman, and wanted the computers he built to be beautiful and amazing and useful He believed that computers were at the intersection of technology and liberal arts a phrase he used a lot because he realized computers weren t just for geeks They are for everyone, and needed to be able to be used b [...]

  10. I had to be convinced by a GR friend to read this book, similarly to how Isaacson had to be convinced to write it.Back in 2004, Steve Jobs approached Isaacson and asked if he was interested in writing Jobs biography Isaacson declined several times, thinking that it was too soon to write one and that it would be better to wait a few decades It wasn t until 2009 when Jobs wife bluntly told him that Jobs was seriously ill from cancer and that there was little time to lose Isaacson said he hadn t kn [...]

  11. I downloaded the e book on my iPad quite fitting Sun night and stayed up until the very wee hours reading on a work night, no less Isaacson s writing style is very engaging and, at least so far, he seems to be embarking on a no holds barred, honest portrayal of this very admired, feared, respected, despised, controversial titan of industry As a college senior in 85, watching the iconic 1984 commercial, reading all about SJ Woz and how they wanted to change the world , I made it my mission to wor [...]

  12. Oops The publishers forgot to include a subtitle, so I ve taken the liberty of helping them come up with one May I suggest Steve Jobs Unrelenting Narcissist, Suspected Sociopath and Giant Fucking AssholeIsaacson writes a great biography He tells a coherent, cohesive story, he interviews all the players and most important he doesn t feel the need to hoist his subject on a pedestal with his pen When it comes to carrying a story, our author did all the right things.His subject, however, left much t [...]

  13. I was a little surprised when Steve Jobs died that I actually had an emotional reaction of loss He was always such a warrior for technological evolution, conceiving products that we didn t know we needed until we held them in our hands I didn t know I needed an iPod, now I can t travel anywhere without slipping 13,000 songs into my pocket I now have a playlist for any situation, a wedding, a long drive, robbing a bank, meditation etc What was so unique about Jobs was that he was a creative perso [...]

  14. I m still not entirely sure what to think I keep flipflopping between annoyed disgusted and inspired.I applaud Isaacson for putting a masterful bio together without succumbing to the Reality Distortion Field and vomiting out a piece of Jobs worship like some Apple Steve related books out there I also really appreciate all these little anecdotes, some that I have seen before and others that are new and all the enjoyable, that people that knew and interacted with Steve shared in one way or anothe [...]

  15. Well, The mighty Steve Jobs that we have so much to learn from.The bookWalter Isaacson the author is a well know writer Einstein, Franklin are his other biography books has covered all the aspects of Job s life from his childhood, family, friends, to founding apple with Wozniak, each product design Macintosh, iphone etc and venture Next, Pixar he conveyed The book has benefited a lot from articulation of Walter Isaacson and the content are precise with rich details as he has interviewed all the [...]

  16. Update I did read this a ways back my friend gave me her book when done her husband is still living a Survivor of pancreatic cancer Doing well At the time when I read this I was actually wanting to read as much as I could about the his cancer because of my friend John.There wasn t enough to pull anything from yet I was fascinated with everything else Nobody has made a bigger difference in the quality of people s lives, in my lifetime, than Steve Jobs It bothered me though that the criticism abou [...]

  17. In a way, I regard this book as a balanced biography Even though Walter Isaacson is apparently unsatisfied with having gotten all of Steve Jobs s shaft into his mouth and spends a lot of time sucking on Jobs s balls, his recounting of Steve Jobs s behavior left me unavoidably with the impression that Steve Jobs was a world class asshole Jobs is presented as so much of a whining, pathetic bully that I find myself glad that he died of pancreatic cancer, and I also find myself regretting that he di [...]

  18. Are you a fan of APPLE Do you hate APPLE Did you admire Steve Jobs Did you hate Steve Jobs No matter your answers, you really should read this book There have been things about APPLE I always disliked This book made me turn many of these things into things I no longer dislike, but also into things I now understand and yes, even admire There was many many things I learned in here that I had no clue about There is no way I think you can read this book and not just totally be in awe of Jobs Yes, he [...]

  19. I started this book with two questions Was Steve Jobs an asshole And if so did he need to be to accomplish what he did Having just finished it, I don t have a good answer to either question In fact both seem foolishly simplistic given this rich, sweeping, detailed, and intimate depiction a truly remarkable man s life experience.What I learned about Steve Jobs is that he was very good at some things, and very bad at others Among the things he was very good at, his true genius lay in his ability t [...]

  20. I knew that I would enjoy this book after reading the first few pages, but it far exceeded my expectations I love learning the history behind products that I use or am familiar with, and Walter Isaacson s book lays out the history of every product Steve Job s is responsible for Laurene Powell, Jobs wife, told Isaacson that she didn t want her husband s life whitewashed, and he certainly didn t Along with Steve the brilliant innovator who knew how to bring together an A list team of loyal employe [...]

  21. To date all my computer fanship has been geared towards Linus Torvalds and Linux, even though for now I limp along grumpily with Windows Steve Jobs and Apple Pah I couldn t bear the snobbish one upmanship rantings of Apple and it s aficionados It was therefore with some hesitancy I approached Steve Jobs s biography Someone I follow here at GR had recommended it, plus it had been sitting on a shelf in the library forever and I kept bumping into it.So, in spite of my reservations I took it outd it [...]

  22. Isaacson s book reads just like a Time Magazine I hate Time Magazine.He prefers telling to showing in his prose, reminds us of his theses whenever they apply, and conveys emotion via bludgeoning, shallow diction It s that last point that most bothers me, since it leaked into his disappointing performance as an interviewer as well for instance, he notes dozens of times that someone wept after some event but does not follow up with questions of why would you have reacted that way now how do you th [...]

  23. I am a little surprised this book ended up being such a disappointment Walter Isaacson just doesn t know that much about the tech industry and, despite the opportunity and access, didn t learn enough to make it interesting The one saving grace was the participation of Steve Jobs, his friends, and family, and this alone rescues the book from a lower rating Granted, this biography is meant for a mass audience, not someone who is a regular listener of Apple podcasts yes, like me The early chapters [...]

  24. Executive Summary Despite my generally negative opinion of Jobs and my disagreement with his views of technology, I found this book excellent.Audiobook Dylan Baker s voice was instantly recognizable to me, even if I didn t know his name Better known as an actor than an audiobook narrator, he nevertheless does a good job here I m not sure what to hope for with a non fiction narrated apart from clear speech, good volume and inflection You get all of that here I tend to prefer to consume non fictio [...]

  25. Walter Isaacson often uses the word prickly in reference to Steve Jobs s personality and management style Remove the ly and you ll be closer to the truth Nuff said.

  26. I m going to post my blog entry on this in its entirety, even though it covers thoughts not strictly related just to the biography, but the biography inspired it all.I recently finished reading Steve Jobs, the well written and extensive biography by Walter Issacson Apple s products, and accordingly Steve Jobs, have made a big impact in my life First and foremost, computers add a lot to my life than they would have without the products Apple makes, but also they ve influenced my thinking about t [...]

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